La Stella Water Park

I think it's still not too late to wish all the Chinese Happy Chinese New Year or Gong Xi Fa Cai..I didnt go to any Chinese house to celebrate but i know when it comes to CNY, there will be lots and lots of oranges and tons and tons of firecrackers...i loike!! hehe

Anyway, today mummy and i, along with jiddah and bik na, went to La Stella Water Park. It's sumwhere near Kempas Utama. The place is considered 'ok-ok' since today's still a public holidays so there were quite a number of people there.

I found out sumthing today..i am an hydrophobia!!! yep thats rite. i am afraid of water!! I don't know why. Not that i had bad experiences with water
before. Maybe thats me. Well..mummy said i'm still adorable and i'mm still gonna be an apple in her eyes..hehe..

Oh BTW, other than having hydrophobia..i'm also a means i'm afraid of cats..just like my mum..hhmm just what ppl always say 'mana tumpahnye kuah kalau tak ke nasik'..hehe

Here are some of the pics...With mummy and jiddah's car

Me, Jiddah and Bik Na at the La Stella Sign

See? I told you i'm a hydrophobia

Mummy: Takut ke tak..posing tetap kena gak

Malay or English??

Today..mummy scolded me for talking too much Malay..Mummy said i have to talk more English if i want to be a clever boy..Hmmm...

Anyway,lately mummy is always angry at me. Even for smallest reason.Like this one day, i accidentally spilled my 'wewe' on the floor. I got a 'good' spanking from her.I guess maybe she is tired coz i know she has a lot of work to do...

She always says she doesnt love me anymore but i know she's lying..I hope she is!! I think i should learn how to behave and be a good son...

AAhhhh Choooo!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Hhhmm it's been a while huh since i last updated my blog. Well actually, ive nuthing interesting to update..hehe. Anyway, i just recovered from slight fever..and for the 1st time, i didnt go to school for a day. Aaahhh!!! boringnyeeee...Luckily mummy said i can't go to school for only a day. Yay!! I can see my friends and teachers again...

Anyway..i'm getting confuse bout mummy and abah. Why are they not staying together? Why jiddah always says that abah is naughty? is he?what did he do? mummy always treathen to send me to stay with abah if i'm not in my best behaviour. i dun like it! i want to stay with mummy. but i'm still confuse. maybe if i'm big enough,i'll ask mummy bout this matter.....

Are you sleeping?

I really like this song. Dun really know why. Maybe it has a catchy tune to it..hehe. This video was taken with mummy's HP so the quality is not that good. Hope y'll enjoy watching it as much as I do :)

Naughty Boy teacher said i'm a naughty boy..she said so coz i took off her that make me a naughty boy?? Gee..i don't think so. I mean, I just turned 3 for god's sake! That's normal for a 3 year old to do such thing. or was I really a naughty boy?

Whatever it is, I don' think it's appropriate for a teacher to say that to a 3 year old kid like me. I did say sorry tho'....I told mummy about it and she seemed not too happy to hear my story. I guess she too feels it's not appropriate for a teacher to say such thing. But then again, maybe she did not mean it. Or maybe she said it in a joking way.Whatever it is, I felt hurt and I don't like it

Anyway,today I learnt ABC (even though mummy has taught me at home) and a new song. But I forgot how the song goes.'Are you sleeping' keeps playing over and over again in my mind..hehe

I'm A Smart Reader Kid!!

Hi Y'all

haaaa ingat lagi tak bout me saying that i'm gonna babble on my 1st day at Smart Reader? ehehe well here it goes..

I woke up early (sort of) around 10am. Yerla excitedla katakan. After bibik bathed me and put on my uniform (jgn marah babe,gua ade uniform!!)..oh BTW Mummy was the one who prepared everything the night before - My uniform, socks, my bag,etc. So bibik just ambik and pakaikan je..huhu

Mummy didnt send me coz she had to work. Of coursela kan, kalau tak how on earth shes going to pay for my school fees???? Anyway, my over-excited Jid and Jiddah sent me. Sampai je sana, Teacher Ummu dah tunggu. Jid waved goodbye and me being mengada2 cried. Nasib baikla all the teachers there pandai pujuk. They said mummy will fetch me at 4. So i felt releif and better a bit

1st day we didnt do much. Singing,painting, and all the basic stuffs. I had fun tho...

So that was it - My 1st day at Smart Reader. Enjoyed myself and can't wait for the real lesson to start.

Till then, tata!!



Haaaa nak tau tak today i went to my 1st ever cinema trip!! Mummyla sibuk sgt nak bawak tgk Alvin and The Chipmunks. Anyway, mummy bought the tickets and popcorns (yummy!), while i waited with jiddah dgn excitednye..huhu

Nak jadik cerite, i didnt really enjoy the movie the first half hour coz TAK NAMPAK!!..Luckily Mummy thought of letting me sitting on her lap (walaupun Mummy terpikir agak lambat hehe). It was a good movie. Agaknyela coz i saw Mummy and jiddah yg gelak ye ye ah. But i liked the singing and dancing part! Made me wanna groove too! huhu

So that was it. Hope Mummy will bring me again to watch another good movie. Till next time!