My Successful Story

Hi y'all..

Haaa nak tau tak apenye yg successful tuh? jeng jeng jeng...Today,after few 'accidents', few scoldings frm Mummy, finally ive managed to 'poopoo' in my potty!!! Yay!!! clap clap..

But it wasnt as easy as u guys might think. Sian mummy. Macam2 cara dia buat nak pujuk to make me 'like' the potty. As people always say 'PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT'..SO I'm gonna try and try sampailah dah terer poopoo and wewe on my own. Wish me luck ok? :)

That's all for now. Oh yea! i'm going to start school in a week time. Tak sabonye!!!!

Smart Reader Pre-Orientation

Hello everyone!!

I just completed my 3 days pre-orientation program at Smart Reader. It was awesome!! I didnt cry at all!! Just that on the last day, aderla sorang budak ni boleh plak dia meraung2 so i guess his reaction was contagious so i cried too (best tak alasan?hehe)

During the 3 days program, i got to know bout my teachers, Teacher Ummu, Teacher Nana and Teacher Sathiya. I can't wait to start my real 1st day at Smart Reader this coming Jan 4 2010. I want to make everyone proud!! Pray for me yea?

Till then, have a happy life everyone and .....


Bandung 2009

Tadaaaa!!! i'm back!! ehehehe.. anyway, just got back from my holiday in Bandung. Best banget!! i think i enjoyed it. Well, i didnt make a fuss when my mum were busy shopping! at least some of the items she shopped are for me..huhu. Well like what they always speak louder than words. So hope you guys enjoy these!

1st time naik flight..nervous hehe

Akulah raja!!! hahaha

With Jid @ Rumah Mode

@ the hotel lobby

@ Cihampelas Walk with Mummy

Amacam?? ganteng tak gue??? hehe