Alhamdulillah :)


Hi peeps! Well long time no see, huh? Mummy is now rather 'malas' to update my blog lar coz she is busy selling tiramisu now! (nak promote sebenonye :D)

Anyway just to update my exam result. Syukur alhamdulillah I got every subject 100%... I am sooooooooo sooooooooooooo happy!!!!! In fact, everybody was sooooo happy when mummy told them about it. Mummy said my teacher told her that I am a very excellent student but I tend to giveup fast. Hhhmm need to change that.

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Thank you for reading peeps!

I cant wait!!

Yay! Today my cousins will be coming here to celebrate Hari Raya Haji in JB.

I cant wait to play with Razin. Hes my age but hes waaayyy much taller than me huhu. He stays in KL so we seldom meet. I'll my pictures having fun with Razin in my next update yea.


Fever :(

Hi everyone!!

I had quite a bad fever for the last 3 days. Mummy took me to the clinic and the doc inserted something to my anus. I hated it!! Sakit tau :(

Now i am feeling so much better, tnx to the bitter medicine and of coz, mummy for taking care of me :)

I am 5 now!!

Hi everyone!!

I celebrated my birthday on the 10th. Mummy bought cupcakes and my dad prepared goodie bags for my friends. The night before, I celebrated at home with mummy, jid and jidah. I had fun!! Tnx mummy!! :)

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Yay!! Raya!! Duit raya time!!
with Mummy and Jid

with Mummy :)

From left - me, Razin, Abg Arief and Abg Aniq

with Mummy, Jid, Jiddah and Uncle Annis and his family

Dinner Part 1

Hye peeps!

Last nite i followed mummy to Angsama to have dinner. Aunty Rozi and her sister were there as well. I ordered Fish and Chips and boy! do i luv it! Abes saya makan taw :D

Anyway, while waiting for my mum and her friends to finish eating their meals plus their gossip sessions which i didnt pay any attention to, my eyes caught on the video shop opposite our dinner place. Yes! One more cartoon on the way! That was what i thought..hehehe. And of coz, I managed to persuade mummy to buy me a VCD..kikiki

Till then, take care peeps! -__-

Pose jgn tak pose -__-

Hye peeps!

Selamat berpuasa to every Muslim! I got so excited too, just like everybody..hehe. My mum said i cant fast coz i'm underweight..ahahha! Well next year, i hope..

Talking bout fasting month, theres nuthing much i know except we cant eat or drink until maghrib. I wonder how they can last for almost a day without eating or drinking? maybe next year if ive given a chance, then i'll find out :)..other than that there will be kurma everywhere.. oh and also there will be lots of shops selling all types of colourful food -__-

This year however, was a special one coz i got to follow mummy for terawih! Eventho i dun know the rite way of praying, but at least i tried to imitate wat mummy did..better than nuthing rite? -__-

Mummy bought this baju in 2009 in Bandung..still have to fold the pants coz its too long..haiya!

 Till then, take care peeps!


Hye peeps!

Yesterday mummy,jid,jiddah and of coz, me,went to Kota Tinggi.. nope..its not a new playland or yg sewaktu dengannye but its just a place where mummies can do their shopping and for kids to grumble and run around..weeee~

Hmmm nuthing interesting for me there but i still had fun coz i got to spend time with the people i luv.. :)

Kindda sleepy while waiting for my pasta :0

Bermanja2 ngn jiddah~

I found it'll be much easier to 'drink' the soup rather than using a spoon..hehe~

I told ya this place is for mummies do their shopping~

Till then, take care peeps and thank you for reading! -__-

I miss mummy..

Assalamualaikum :)

Last Saturday, mummy had to go somwhere far to work. I forgot wats the name of the place but i know its far away coz mummy said she cant sleep with me for 1 night..

I hate it when mummy has to work far away. Luckily i know how to call her so i called her twice..heee :D. the first call to tell her Jiddah took me for a jog at a park..i really had fun! Second call just to tell mummy i missed her and i wished she were here with me coz i'm so used of her doing everything for me before i go to bed. So having Jiddah doing all the things for me was so weird. Not that i dun like it but its just different.Get what i mean?

Anyway, mummy is back now. Yay!!!

Till then, take care peeps! -__-

Tutti Frutti

I love going there! Kalau mummy ajak gi everyday pun takpe..kita suke!!! weee :D

Happy face -__-

Another happy face -__-

Till then, take care peeps!