Pose jgn tak pose -__-

Hye peeps!

Selamat berpuasa to every Muslim! I got so excited too, just like everybody..hehe. My mum said i cant fast coz i'm underweight..ahahha! Well next year, i hope..

Talking bout fasting month, theres nuthing much i know except we cant eat or drink until maghrib. I wonder how they can last for almost a day without eating or drinking? maybe next year if ive given a chance, then i'll find out :)..other than that there will be kurma everywhere.. oh and also there will be lots of shops selling all types of colourful food -__-

This year however, was a special one coz i got to follow mummy for terawih! Eventho i dun know the rite way of praying, but at least i tried to imitate wat mummy did..better than nuthing rite? -__-

Mummy bought this baju in 2009 in Bandung..still have to fold the pants coz its too long..haiya!

 Till then, take care peeps!


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