Hye peeps!

Yesterday mummy,jid,jiddah and of coz, me,went to Kota Tinggi.. nope..its not a new playland or yg sewaktu dengannye but its just a place where mummies can do their shopping and for kids to grumble and run around..weeee~

Hmmm nuthing interesting for me there but i still had fun coz i got to spend time with the people i luv.. :)

Kindda sleepy while waiting for my pasta :0

Bermanja2 ngn jiddah~

I found it'll be much easier to 'drink' the soup rather than using a spoon..hehe~

I told ya this place is for mummies do their shopping~

Till then, take care peeps and thank you for reading! -__-

I miss mummy..

Assalamualaikum :)

Last Saturday, mummy had to go somwhere far to work. I forgot wats the name of the place but i know its far away coz mummy said she cant sleep with me for 1 night..

I hate it when mummy has to work far away. Luckily i know how to call her so i called her twice..heee :D. the first call to tell her Jiddah took me for a jog at a park..i really had fun! Second call just to tell mummy i missed her and i wished she were here with me coz i'm so used of her doing everything for me before i go to bed. So having Jiddah doing all the things for me was so weird. Not that i dun like it but its just different.Get what i mean?

Anyway, mummy is back now. Yay!!!

Till then, take care peeps! -__-

Tutti Frutti

I love going there! Kalau mummy ajak gi everyday pun takpe..kita suke!!! weee :D

Happy face -__-

Another happy face -__-

Till then, take care peeps!


Assalamualaikum :)

Hmmm what do i wanna be when i grow up?? First, i wanted to be a repairman. Ni tak lain tak bukan ade kena mengena ngn Handy Manny..Yep, u're rite folks. Its one of the cartoon characters in Disney Junior..Oh yeah, Disney Playhouse yg kta dok tergile2 kan tu..sampai mummy pun nak gile sbb everyday kena tgk cartoon tu..dah tukar nama.. to Disney Junior. Tapi tak kesahla. Janji i can watch cartoon everyday..i loike!

Ok ok dah start merepek...back to the topic. Pastu tak jadik repairman. I wanna be a baker lak sbb suke tgk mummy bake cupcakes. Yg ni pun i loike! Pastu i feel sorry for aunty linda so i decided to be a doctor..Haish! yang mana satu ni??? Mummy said she will support me in whatever i want to be as long as i make a lot and a lot and a lot of money..heee :D

Till then, take care peeps!


Assalamualaikum :)

Hhhmm tgk tajuk entry je mesti u all dah agak kan what i'm gonna talk about?? ke xtau gak? yelah2 kta bgtaula..mummy kta belikan kta susu supposed to  enchance my appetite and makes me grow taller..tapi kta tgk cam tu gak height kta..xberubah pun..heee :D

Personally i'd prefer my previous milk..ala susu biasa je wak..Dutch Lady je tapi kta suke banget! murah pun murah..apela mummy ni...dh elok2 kta minum susu murah, dia g beli yg mahal ya amat..well..i guess thats how mummy is..always trying her best to make me feel the best

Till then, take care peeps! and thank you for reading!

Welcome Back!!

Assalamualaikum :)

OMG!!! It's been more than a year since i last updated this blog..ceh! macamla ade org yg baca pun..paling2 pun my mum yg akan baca..coz she's the one who's updating kalau korang nak marah sbb lama xupdate,marah my mummy hokay? keh3

Anyway, I will try ('I' refers to my mummy) to update this blog as often as I could..

Take care peeps! ~_~