I miss mummy..

Assalamualaikum :)

Last Saturday, mummy had to go somwhere far to work. I forgot wats the name of the place but i know its far away coz mummy said she cant sleep with me for 1 night..

I hate it when mummy has to work far away. Luckily i know how to call her so i called her twice..heee :D. the first call to tell her Jiddah took me for a jog at a park..i really had fun! Second call just to tell mummy i missed her and i wished she were here with me coz i'm so used of her doing everything for me before i go to bed. So having Jiddah doing all the things for me was so weird. Not that i dun like it but its just different.Get what i mean?

Anyway, mummy is back now. Yay!!!

Till then, take care peeps! -__-


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